GCLASS HST Grism data

Description of dataset

The Gemini Cluster Astrophysics Spectroscopic Survey (GCLASS, Muzzin et al. 2012; van der Burg et al. 2013) was the spectroscopic follow-up to ten of the richest galaxy clusters in the Spitzer Adaptation of the Red-sequence Cluster Survey (SpARCS, Muzzin et al. 2009; Wilson et al. 2009; Demarco et al. 2010). Details on the most recent GCLASS data release can be found in Balogh et al., (2020) and can be accessed here.

HST WFC3 F140W and G141 grism follow-up of the GCLASS clusters was obtained in Cycle 22 (GO-13845; PI: Muzzin) with the aim of obtaining spatially resolved Hα maps of the star-forming cluster members. Observations were designed to be directly comparable to those of the 3D-HST survey (van Dokkum et al., 2011; Brammer et al., 2012; Momcheva et al., 2016) in the field environment, the data for which can be accessed here. The results of the study comparing the GCLASS and 3D-HST grism data are published in Matharu et al., 2021.

All the data used in Matharu et al., 2021 was processed using the Grism redshift and line analysis software (Grizli) and is available for download on this website.

For any issues relating to these data products, please email dr.jmatharu@gmail.com

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2D grism spectra

Emission line maps

1D spectra